Writing Spatially

“When I think about architecture, images come to mind. Many of these images are connected with my training and thinking as an architect. (…) Some of the other images have to do with my childhood. There was a time when I experienced architecture without thinking about it.” [Peter Zumthor, Thinking Architecture, Basel: Birkhauser, 1998]

The Writing Spatially session will invite papers that explore the dichotomy between ‘Writing about Architecture’ and ‘Writing Architecturally’. As such this interdisciplinary session is open to practitioners drawn from architecture, architectural criticism and other fields such as literature and urbanism.

Papers might highlight the challenges experienced when writing about architecture (i.e. attempting to describe a four-dimensional, multi-sensory and spatial experience) and the opportunities that spatial thinking offers when writing architecturally.  The session will consider different approaches and styles of architectural criticism, including writing architectural criticism for different platforms (analogue and online).

The papers in this session will also explore whether writing itself is a spatial experience, drawing on such experiences as concrete poetry but also the inherent structure of literary texts.

Session chairs: Michael Hayes, University College Dublin, michael.k.hayes[at]ucd.ie; and Dr Sandra O’Connell, Royal Institute of Architects Ireland; soconnell[at]riai.ie

Call for Papers